Friday, March 22, 2013

Support Tip: MetaStock Monitor MARCH - APRIL 13

How do I create a custom list?
Contributed by MetaStock Support

The Custom List Manager lets you create your own lists. The lists chan contain as many instruments from as many groups as you want. You can use these lists in the Power Console to view charts, run explorations, and run system tests. Here's how you can create your own custom lists:

1) To create a new custom list, click on either the "Tools" menu or click the "Manage Custom Lists" button at the bottom of the power console.


2) After the Custom List Manager opens, click "New."

3) Enter a name for the list.

4) Enter symbols, one at a time, in the "Select Instrument(s)" field, clicking "Add" after each one.

OR look the instruments up (if you don't know the ticker symbol).

Search by the instrument name or symbol and options will auto populate below. Select the appropriate instrument name and click "OK."

5) Click "Save" to return to the Custom List Manager.

6) You can access your newly created Custom List by clicking on "Tools", then "Custom List Manager" or the Power Console.

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