Monday, December 12, 2016

CLB and its synergistic Oil Trades.

From the desk of top market timer Mark Leibovit:

CLB has been a synergistic play for the recent advance in crude oil but has had several noticeable and trade able swings in the past few months between the 80-90 range and 110-120 range which we recently successful in capitalizing upon. In the attached video we look at the monthly pattern first and then jump to the daily pattern which clearly shows both how the Leibovit VR foretold a downdraft in the CLB and the recent (since October) upturn signed by first a Negative Leibovit VR and then a series of Positive Leibovit VRs.  Recall, we tie the 5/3/3/ stochastic in as a collaborative indicator in the process. bought and sold CLB and is now on the sidelines.

Happy Trading

Jeff Gibby
Business Development Manager.