Friday, March 25, 2016


From the desk of Mark Leibovit:  

My video this week takes a look at Valeant (VRX) whose story has been beaten to death (probably helped cause it to decline) by CNBC. We are always looking for stocks or ETFs or Futures (in all time frames) that show a strong correlation to my Volume Reversal analysis.  In theory, the Volume Reversal should work everywhere, but there are clearly some instances where it works better and seeking those out and using those for trading becomes a priority. 

Monthly chart:  A Leibovit Negative VR formed September, 2015 was a clear sell signal accompanied by a declining 5/3/3 stochastic.  Scanning back to December. 2012 a Leibovit Positive VR accompanied by a rising 5/3/3 stochastic set a positive tone for months to come.

Weekly chart:  A Leibovit Negative VR on September 28 provided the most recent near-term downside trade.  A Leibovit Negative VR on February 29 provided the most recent short-term weekly trade.  Both were accompanied by a declining 5/3/3 stochastic. 

Daily chart: The three most recent VR signals worked nicely signaling two to four day trades.  A Leibovit Negative VR on February 29, A Leibovit Positive VR on March 7 and a Leibovit Negative VR on March 15.

Monday, March 21, 2016


From the desk of top market timer Mark Leibovit,

WYNN (WYNN RESORTS) topped out at 249 in March, 2014 and nosedived to 50 in January, 2016. It was clearly on my watch list and we've discussed it before in these updates. A series of Leibovit Positive Volume Reversals started on January 15. Please note the beautiful Leibovit Positive Volume Reversal on March 10 accompanied by a rising 5/3/3 stochastic which set up the most recent trade.  We took profits at as WYNN surged into the mid-90s following a big opening gap Friday morning. My view is that WYNN can still go higher, but let's wait for a pullback back to the old high at 88.87 or fill Friday's gap at 89.28.

FCX (FREEPORT MCMORAN) topped out at 61.34 in January, 2011 and nosedived to 3.52 this past January, 2016. Three big Leibovit Positive Volume Reversals on February 12March 10 and March 16 all accompanied by a rising 5/3/3 stochastic which triggered trading buys.  We 'rang the register' here as well Friday morning over 11.00 with a view to pullback following a three day run to the upside. 

We have been trading WYNN and FCX several times in recent weeks.

Monday, March 14, 2016

031116 MetaStock - Understanding Momentum Run Action MLHR chart

Understanding Momentum Run Action

How to Use Momentum Price Action for Higher Profits

Most Retail Traders exit runs too early, losing most of their profits from a Momentum Run when Swing or Day Trading. Indicators that reveal weakening or stronger patterns in runs can help Traders hold during brief episodes of Resting Days or mild profit taking, allowing for much higher Return On Investment ROI for that trade.

Two indicators that help Traders during a Momentum Run are the TechniTrader Volume Accumulation TTVA and the TechniTrader Flow of Funds TTFF.

The TTVA indicator is a center line Volume Oscillator, designed to show when Dark Pool accumulation starts and when the run is starting to lose momentum energy before profit taking or reversal. The TTFF indicator provides additional information as to how much activity is coming from the Buy Side Institutions, as opposed to just Retail Traders or Investors.

The combination of these two indicators helps Swing, Momentum, and Day Traders make better hold and exit decisions resulting in lower risk, less stress, and higher profits for each trade.

When a Trader can increase the profits of every trade made it increases their monthly income, reduces the risk of choosing weaker stock picks just to have something to trade, and helps to gain confidence while developing the skills of trading.

Regardless of which MetaStock trading system or strategy you employ to find stocks to trade, finalizing the selection using leading Hybrid Indicators will dramatically reduce weak trades that net losses, and will increase profits with stronger picks that run more points.

The chart example below shows a very common Momentum Run action, that is occurring right now in many stocks.

This is due to Dark Pool Quiet Accumulation going on, which is hidden from those trading on the Exchanges, Electronic Communication Networks ECNS, and other venues. When Dark Pools accumulate, they are removing vast quantities of liquidity, and this in turn creates the Momentum Runs out of a bottom low.

In the chart example see the first long green arrow indicating where TTVA signaled early that a Dark Pool Buy Zone™ was trigged, and then the stock drops to its final low. By knowing in advance that Dark Pools have commenced accumulation even while the stock makes a lower low, allows Swing Traders to prepare for the sudden upside Momentum Runs that follow.

TTFF tells the Trader that this is a few giant Buy Side Institutions bargain hunting to invest funds, and that Smaller Funds are not yet aware of their giant lot buying on the Alternative Trading Systems ATS Dark Pool venues. The stock bolts upward when Professional Traders discover the accumulation, barely pausing at the initial Dark Pool Buy Zone. It then continues to run up into resistance before profit taking occurs, which stalls price but does not cause a major price collapse. Runs of this type can be very lucrative for a Technical Trader who understands the dynamics behind this price action. Learning to use Accumulation, Large Lot, and Flow of Funds Indicators is crucial to successful Swing Trading in these Market Conditions.


These patterns can also be seen on intraday charts, and can be used by Day and Intraday Traders. Price patterns are important, but what is even more critical to track is WHEN and WHERE the giant Buy Side Institutions, who control trillions of assets start their bargain hunting buying activity.
Trade Wisely,
Martha Stokes CMT
TechniTrader technical analysis using a MetaStock chart, courtesy of Innovative Market Analysis, LLC dba MetaStock

Instructor & Developer of TechniTrader Stock and Option Courses
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From the desk of top market timer Mark Leibovit:

United States Natural Gas (UNG) offered a great short-term trading opportunity this past week which is clearly demonstrated in the attached video and a trade that was published at my (Platinum) website.  A Positive Leibovit Volume formed on March 7 accompanied by a confirming and rising 5/3/3 stochastic and as you can see in the video resulted in a profitable multi-day trade.  The video also demonstrates good reliability of my VR signals in UNG on the short-side in previous instances as well. Take a look.