Tuesday, March 13, 2012

MetaStock Monitor MAR - APR 12: Support Tip

How do I add new Data on Demand symbol to MetaStock?
Contributed by MetaStock Support
Are you trading a security, stock, commodity, etc. that is not included with the thousands of symbols that come with MetaStock's data feed? This happens from time to time but it is very easy to add the symbol to your MetaStock data feed. For Data on Demand symbols, remember to enter ALL symbols in upper case. Here's how:
1) Start MetaStock.

2) Click "File", then "Open".

3)Click "Tools", then "New Symbol".

4) Type the name of the symbol into the name field. Type the desired symbol into the symbol field. Select the proper exchange; if you are not sure this option can be left blank. For this example, we will add the USD - Gold Spot Price. You can add the type field and the start and end times of when the security trades, but it is not necessary. If you do, make sure the hours listed are in your time zone. The Type field tells you what folder structure in the symbol database the security will be added. We recommend leaving this as "Other". Once you have filled out all of the applicable fields, click "OK" to continue.

5) After clicking "OK", you can search for the symbol you created.

6) Here is a screenshot of the security we just added to our data base.

Helpful Hint: If you are adding a futures symbol that includes the specific month and year code for a specific contract make sure to select the TYPE as "OTHER".

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