Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Support Tip: MetaStock Monitor SEPTEMBER-OCTOBER 12

Support Tip

How can I backup my formulas (Indicators, Experts, Explorations...)?
Contributed by MetaStock Support

As you know, backing up all of your work is very important (especially on a computer). You can backup your formulas, indicators, experts, and explorations in MetaStock with a few simple steps. Here's how:

To backup formulas in MetaStock:

1) First, open MetaStock. Then, click on the "Tools" header, followed by the "Indicator Builder".

2) Click "Organizer".

3) Click "Export".

4) Highlight the formula(s) you want to back up. You will be asked which custom indicators, system tools, explorations, and experts you want to back up on the following screens. Select ALL that you wish to back up.

5) Specify the location you wish to export the files to. You can password protect them on the next screen (if you wish). If you do, make sure you choose a password you will remember! This will create new files with the appropriate files in the folder you specified. This will not over-write any existing files, so the folder specified must not have any other formula files in it.

6) If you choose to enter a password, do it here but make sure you remember it!

7) The formulas you exported should appear in the folder you directed them to in step number 5.

To import files to a system:

1) Follow steps 1 and 2 from backing up formulas. For step 3, choose "import" rather than "export".

2) Specify the location you wish to import the files from.

3) All the formula files, experts, explorations, and system tests will be read from and added to the current location in MetaStock. If you already have formulas, experts, explorations, and system tests of the same name in MetaStock, you will be asked if you want to replace them. If you say yes, the import will finish, overwriting the formulas of the same name. If you say no, the import will be halted with nothing being added.

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