Thursday, December 19, 2013

Rob Hoffman - My Favorite Trading Set-ups That are Working Right Now

In this important session Rob shares his favorite trading set-ups that are working right now for Futures, Stocks, Options, and ETFs. Rob is an internationally recognized speaker known for his willingness to trade live with students and who has used his work to win numerous real money only trading competitions around the world against other top traders from other countries. This is a rare opportunity to learn from a top trading professional in the industry.
About the Presennter
Rob Hoffman is the first American to ever win the live trading, real money only, International Salon du Trading Competition in Paris, France against top international traders. In another extraordinary feat, Mr. Hoffman just won the competition in Paris, France for the second year in a row in a stunning victory. Mr. Hoffman educates thousands of institutional and retail traders from around the world on a daily basis. He has been an affiliate member of the Market Technicians Association since 1998. Mr. Hoffman offers his students a unique live trading experience where students are able to look over his shoulder and ask questions as he trades in real-time. With Mr. Hoffman traders watch a professional trader as he trades his live account right on the screen in front of them using the same techniques he uses during all of the domestic and international competitions that he has won around the world.


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