Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Building a Watch List Exploration

I know a lot of MetaStock users are a little frightened of the formula language.  Here's a quick primer on how to build a Watch list exploration.  It 's actually quite simple. 

Let's say we want to create a watch list that consists of Stocks that are"

  •  Above $5
  •  Below $50
  • Traded at least 500,000 shares

To Create an Exploration, simply open up the Explorer and hit on new.  It should look like this :

Under Name we would title our Exploration.
Since this is designed to "filter" out stocks that we are not interested in  - we can go to the Filter Tab.

Creating basic Explorations is extremely easy.  In the case of our code above here's how we would say this in MetaStock:
  •          Above $5 = Close >5
  •          Below $50 = Close <50
  •          Traded at least 500,000 shares = Volume > 500000

In essence to create this exploration you would say the following in the filter tab:
close >5 and Close <50 and Volume >500000.

It will look like this when you are done: 

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