Monday, May 11, 2015

From the desk of Mark Leibovit.

Another downside gap accompanied by supposed negative news, analyst downgrades or expectations, etc. is setting up another big buying opportunity in Whole Foods. We have seen this pattern before, most recently a year ago (May, 2014).  Though it took six months for the stock to resume its uptrend, there were several long opportunities as the stock was basing and I think that pattern will repeat here. At that time there was a downside gap at 47.70 that needed to be filled which as minimum expectation on my part. I am also following the Peter Lynch principle.  When you go into the stores they are always busy.  Try to shop at the Whole Foods in Union Square, New York. There are dozen lines with dozens of people waiting for the electric stop light signal to permit them entry to a cashier. Sometimes you have to wait a half hour to buy some eggs.  The ideal pattern now would be to wait for a Leibovit Positive VR and trade the long side anticipating the recent gap at 47.10 will be filled.  Please note that the recent correction more than satisfied an upside gap at 42.90 fromJune 13.  This stock loves gaps.

Happy Trading.

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