Monday, December 14, 2015


From the desk of Mark Leibovit

The decline in Crude Oil both longer term and short term were clearly signaled by the Leibovit Volume Reversal. I am often asked how the Leibovit Volume Reversal works in different time frames.  Here, we look at the monthly, weekly and daily charts.  All are demonstrated  utilizing the Sequential version of the Leibovit Volume Reversal. When you subscribe you receive all three versions (Sequential, Directional and 2-Day)  but I prefer using the Sequential because it shows all negative and positive Leibovit Volume Reversals. Please check the video on the Metastock product page for more information.  In the monthly chart, note the big negative Leibovit VR formed in July, 2014 confirmed by the declining 5/3/3 stochastic presaged the huge multi-month sell-off that is still occurring now. The weekly chart shows the two recent negative Leibovit VRs on Nov 9 and Nov 30 which provided additional confirmation of the current short-term downtrend - again confirmed by a negative 5/3/3 stochastic. And, finally, the daily chart reveals the Nov 25 negative Leibovit VR, the most recent short-term trading signal also confirmed by a declining 5/3/3 stochastic.

Happy Trading
Jeffrey Gibby
Business Development Manager

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