Friday, March 25, 2016


From the desk of Mark Leibovit:  

My video this week takes a look at Valeant (VRX) whose story has been beaten to death (probably helped cause it to decline) by CNBC. We are always looking for stocks or ETFs or Futures (in all time frames) that show a strong correlation to my Volume Reversal analysis.  In theory, the Volume Reversal should work everywhere, but there are clearly some instances where it works better and seeking those out and using those for trading becomes a priority. 

Monthly chart:  A Leibovit Negative VR formed September, 2015 was a clear sell signal accompanied by a declining 5/3/3 stochastic.  Scanning back to December. 2012 a Leibovit Positive VR accompanied by a rising 5/3/3 stochastic set a positive tone for months to come.

Weekly chart:  A Leibovit Negative VR on September 28 provided the most recent near-term downside trade.  A Leibovit Negative VR on February 29 provided the most recent short-term weekly trade.  Both were accompanied by a declining 5/3/3 stochastic. 

Daily chart: The three most recent VR signals worked nicely signaling two to four day trades.  A Leibovit Negative VR on February 29, A Leibovit Positive VR on March 7 and a Leibovit Negative VR on March 15.

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