Monday, June 5, 2017

Volume Reversal Tutorial for Tesla June 5th 2017

From the desk of top market timer Mark Leibovit:

We are always looking for high degrees of correlation between our indicators and our stock or index trades and even though the theory behind the Leibovit Volume Reversal (tm) - Volume precedes Price - should results in uniform trading results, there are always exceptions - and no trading tool, including my own is perfect.  Yet, it has been the foundation of my success for nearly 40 years.

Here, we take a look at Tesla (TSLA) on both the daily and weekly Sequential chart. As a reminder, the Volume Reversal package includes the Sequential, Directional and 2-Day versions of the Volume Reversal. The Sequential posts all Positive and Negative VRs, the Directional filters out repetitive VRs and the 2-day signals an exit two days (two bars) following the VR. 

The Leibovit Positive VR on May 24 accompanied by a rising 5/3/3 stochastic is the most recent and demonstrable example of the success of the VR.  Just prior to that, however, we also saw a profitable use of the Leibovit Negative VR on May 15.  In the video we flip to the weekly chart and also see how powerful the Volume Reversal tool became on a larger time frame.  Clients choose the time frame, though I personally prefer the daily charts.

Watch the full video here.

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