Monday, September 30, 2019

Adding a List of Weekly Options To MetaStock

A frequent question from MetaStock users is how to get a list of weekly options into MetaStock.  

 I've prepared a Spreadsheet that includes all of the CBOE Weekly Options Symbols.  Since I've put all the symbols in the Reuters Instrument Codes, it is ready to be used in MetaStock.  

To add these to MetaStock simply follow these simple instructions.

1) Open the spreadsheet file here.
2) Choose the Download option in the upper right hand side of your screen. 
3) Open the File when it completes Downloading.  
4) Open MetaStock and Click on the Chart option in the PowerConsole.
5) Right Click on the Custom Online Data List as shown in the screen capture below

6) Choose New
7) Type in name for your list under List Name
8) Go back to your spreadsheet and highlight column A by clicking on the column header.  
9) Click Ctrl-C to copy the list to your clipboard.  
10) Toggle back to your new custom list. 
11) Hover your mouse over the blank area and use Ctrl-V to past your clipboard into the new list

It should look like this:

Click on the Save button.  

Your new list is available and ready to use!

Thanks for using MetaStock!

Happy Trading.


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kalyl said...

Once you have added the list to MetaStock, Pizza Tower you will be able to access it whenever you need to analyze or trade weekly options.

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Young Gentry said...

Use MetaStock's data import feature to bring in the weekly options data into your MetaStock software. This usually involves selecting the appropriate data format and specifying the location of the online games data file.