Monday, July 20, 2009

Webinar Tonight

Option Strategies for Trending Stocks

Join Dan Passarelli, founder of Market Taker Mentoring LLC, as he discusses how to trade trending stocks by using options. Learn how to make the most out of option leverage, how to avoid common option volatility pitfalls, and how Dan uses indicators to confirm trends.

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In this seminar we will discuss:

* Option trades for trending stocks
* Option leverage
* Avoiding volatility pitfalls
* Confirming trends with indicators

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7/20/09 Monday 7:00 PM MST (9:00 PM EST)

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About Daniel Passarelli
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Daniel Passarelli

Dan started his trading career on the floor of the Chicago Board Options Exchange (CBOE) as an equity options market maker. He also traded agricultural options and futures on the floor of the Chicago Board of Trade (CBOT). In 2005, Dan joined CBOE’s Options Institute and began teaching both basic and advanced trading concepts to retail traders, brokers, institutional traders, financial planners and advisors, money managers, employees of the SEC and Federal Reserve bank, and market makers.

In addition to his work with the CBOE, he taught options strategies at the Options Industry Council (OIC). Dan has been featured on television and radio and has written numerous articles in the financial press, and is the author of the book Trading Option Greeks and the president of Market Taker Mentoring LLCTM. Market Taker Mentoring ( provides personalized one-on-one mentoring for option traders. Dan can be reached at


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