Tuesday, August 10, 2021

Practical Trading with the Dow Theory - Colin Abrams

The immutable principles of price action espoused from Charles Dow 100 years ago are as relevant today as then. Using these principles, Colin Abrams will show you how finding good entries and exits in the market does not (and should not) have to be complicated. 

Simple price action truths aligned with correct risk management are as close to the holy grail of trading/investing as one can get. Colin will demonstrate in this one-hour webinar, how a timeless method can result in profitable trading on any instrument and on any timeframe. 

Join Colin for this webinar where you will learn: 

• How to practically apply Dow Theory to make successful trades 
• An easy method that can be used by short and long-term traders alike on a 1-minute chart all the way up to monthly charts. 
• How to make sure you never miss the next market trend
• How to distinguish between a high odds signal vs a low odds signal 
• How to know when to tighten your trailing stop a lot/take profits 
• And very importantly, how to know when to stay out of the market (or individual instrument) altogether, and when to re-enter 

About Colin Abrams 
Colin Abrams has been actively trading the market since the mid-1980s. He trades financial indices, stocks, commodities, and currencies. In 2001 he completed the three-year Chartered Market Technician (CMT) course run by the CMT Association in New York. In 2002 he started his website www.TheMarket.co.za where he provides technical research to retail and professional traders, and institutions. He also consults fund managers around the world. He has managed a hedge fund and currently manages a fund of US-listed ETFs. Colin has made regular appearances on TV and financial radio. His work has also appeared on numerous local and international financial websites. Finally, he holds a master's degree in Industrial (Organisational) Psychology.


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