Monday, July 27, 2009

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There are only two ways to end a trade with a profit: a scalping exit and a swing trading exit. With scalping, you set the profit target and when hit, you exit with your entire position. With swing trading, the market decides how far it will go and you hold your position until you get an exit signal (the opposite of your entry signal). Then, you tighten up your stop to the minimum distance from the price action and literally let the market stop you out. You cannot know for sure which technique will produce the better result in any given trade, and if you only trade one lot/contract you must chose between the two. You have a 50-50 chance of being right or wrong. But, if you can trade multiple lots/contracts you can combine the techniques into a hybrid some people call "all-in-scale-out" and I call "peeling off."

Don't miss Mike Bridges' next MetaStock webinar to learn all the important details of how to apply this invaluable money-management tool that can literally turn losing trades into winning trades.

About the Presenter

Mike Bridges is a retired California lawyer who specialized in financial and investment planning. He was also a financial advisor for Zurich-based UBS, the world's largest private bank and wealth management firm. He has held an NASD Series 7 (general securities), Series 3 (commodity futures and options) and Series 66 (investment advisor representative).

Mike has traded for nearly 25 years. His very first charting software was a pre-Windows MS-DOS version of MetaStock which he updated with Compuserve, one of the internet's first sources for market data. Mike has taught his trading techniques for over 9 nine years and has been a member of the mentoring faculty at Pacific Trading Academy since its inception."

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