Thursday, May 17, 2012

MetaStock Monitor MAY - JUNE 12: Support Tip

How do I scan Fundamentals and charts at the same time?
Contributed by MetaStock Support

Many traders use technical systems to help determine when to execute trades. You can ensure your technical indicators will give you the full picture with a little bit of fundamental analysis. For example, your trading indicators tell you a good trading opportunity is about to take place. Then when you place your trade, the market moves in the opposite direction because you traded right before a big news announcement. Your technical analysis will not tell you this information. By combining both of these types of analysis together, you can get a more complete picture of the market. Here's how to view both technical and fundamental information in MetaStock:
1) Start MetaStock.

2) Click "File", then "Open".

3)Select and open desired security. In this example, we'll use Thomson Reuters.

4) Once the chart is open, right click on the background of the chart. From the menu, select "Research". From the following menu, select "Financial Highlights".

5) After the page has opened from the MetaStock Window menu select "Column". Both the chart and financials should be displayed side by side.

6) Click the "Next Security" button and the chart will change to the next security in that solder, AND change the Financials page to match. You can also use other options on the Financials page to check other fundamental information, such as Snapshot. Continuing to use the Next Security function will rotate through all the securities in that specific folder.

You can also use the procedure above in conjunction with reviewing the results of an exploration:
1) Choose your exploration.

2) Select the securities for your exporation.

3) After you have run your exploration, select all the securities you wish to review from the results by highlighting them. Right click on the highlighted area. From the menu, choose "Copy Securities".

4) In the destination folder box enter the name of the folder you would like the securities copied to. (Name the folder with a reference to the exploration used and the date explored. For this example, we will use: MayJuneMonitor).

5) You may get a message saying "Folder does not exist! Create the folder?". Click "yes". This copies the data files for the selected securities to the new folder. Exit the Explorer.

6) Go to File, Open, and look in your MetaStock data folder. The newly created folder of securities should be there. The one we just created is highlighted in green.

7) Then repeat the steps in the scanning procedure listed to attach fundamental information, starting with number 3.

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