Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Support Tip: MetaStock Monitor NOVEMBER-DECEMBER 12

Support Tip

How do I access the Power Console?
Contributed by MetaStock Support

The Power Console takes everything that is great about MetaStock and puts it in one convenient location. Now you can open a chart, start a scan, run a test, review reports, make custom lists, and more...from one full-featured dashboard. You can access the Power Console when you open MetaStock (Example 1) or navigate to it (Example 2). Here's how:

To access the Power Console when opening MetaStock:

1) First, open MetaStock. The Power Console will automatically appear.

To navigate to the Power Console in MetaStock:

1) When you are in MetaStock, look in the upper left hand corner for the box with a "P" in it. Click on the boxed "P".

2) After clicking on the boxed "P", the Power Console should appear.

You can also select "Open Power Console" from the Menu.

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