Thursday, July 18, 2013

Support Tip: MetaStock Monitor JULY - AUGUST 13

Support Tip

Where are the exploration options?
Contributed by MetaStock Support

In prior versions of MetaStock, the Explorer had two sets of options. One set was for all explorations and accessed from the Options button when viewing the list of available explorations. The other set was specific to each exploration and accessed from the Options button in the Exploration Editor. Both of these options screens have been combined in the current MetaStock. To access the Exploration Options:

1) Open the Power Console. (When you open MetaStock, the Power Console automatically opens for you.)


2) Select the Explorer on the left side.

3) Select an exploration and click "next." For this example, we chose the "Equis - MSU-Rank" exploration.

4) Select any list(s) to explore and click "next."

5) You will now see the exploration options.

6) If you want to refine your exploration, do so here. Once you are satisfied with the set parameters, click "start exploration."

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