Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Using EcoStat with MetaStock XIII

Forecaster has (rightfully) been getting a lot of attention with MetaStock XIII.

While it has been hogging the attention, quite a few new features have been overlooked.  In this little article, I'll explain how to access EcoStat and what it is.

EcoStat is a really big tool, included in MetaStock Professional XIII for free that gives you a ton of information on 11 major countries.  Our Forex traders love it for looking at broad economic data.

By the Numbers Ecostat consist of:
  • 78 layouts covering a broad selection of economic data on 11 major countries.  
  • Economic analysis on 11 major countries including:  US, UK, Canada, France, Germany, Italy, Japan, Australia, Russia, China, and Brazil.
  • Leverages the extensive set of economic data provided with the XENITH datafeed.
  • Popular economic data including inflation indicators, foreign trade, GDP, debt, monetary, housing, unemployment, leading indexes, and more.
Helpful guidance for the implications that economic conditions have for stock, commodity and bond traders.

To Access it you would open any of these Layouts from the File|Open menu in XIII. Here you will have a great selection of data available as shown in this image:

I particularly find it interesting to look at the Overlayed charts. Personally, I was surprised to see who is first in National Debt.

This offers a lot of really good Macroeconomic data and I particularly like the Dashboard views.

By the way, If you're a fan of this type of top down Analysis, you should also take a closer look at Sector Stat which is also included free of charge with MetaStock and MetaStock Pro.

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