Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Is the Dow still in an uptrend?

So here we are in July, 2014.  I just got back from a trade show in Australia where I enjoyed hearing some interesting market theory.  I love to open up the XENITH platform and look at some of the more common economic indicators in the market and see what the data looks like.

What is the state of the economy?

Unemployment in the US is declining:

Housing prices are increasing steadily.

For all intents the US economy seems to be strong.

However, when it comes to trading I like to keep it as simple as possible.

For this I like to use Dave Landry's pattern identification tool.  I've found it to be pure genius in identifying what type of a trend the market is in.  In fact, I've taken the liberty of "borrowing" a copy to share (I don't think Dave would mind).  Here's how Dave likes to identify a trend:

So keeping the Landry method of simplicity in mind,  I'd say this chart of the DIA should help you identify the trend you are in.

Trade with the trend.

As a matter of full disclosure, I currently hold a position in the DIA myself.

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