Tuesday, October 6, 2015

Why every Trader needs a P&L Cash Flow Model by Roy Swanson

Why Every Trader Needs a P&L AND Cash Flow Model
Roy Swanson, Founder, SteadyTrader.com

You’ve heard the advice before. Treat your trading like the business it is. Yet, every business manager has a P&L spreadsheet model to go by, while individual traders simply hope for the best most of the time.

At SteadyTrader, we’ve built a comprehensive Trading Strategy P&L -- a spreadsheet model that can be used by individual traders.  You can put all the parameters for ANY long trading strategy into the model within just a few seconds — and it instantly calculates your Annual P&L.  Plus, it rolls out the strategy’s Daily Cash Flow.  As you may have learned the hard way, “daily cash flow’ can be the hidden time bomb that sinks more trading accounts than anything else. 

We all tend to assume we know what metrics make one trading strategy better than another.  But once you see a real trading system P&L at work, you'll change your mind quickly.  Plugging various values for things like "avg. hold", "% winning trades", "avg.gain per trade" often yields results -- at the P&L level and Cash Flow level -- that are quite surprising, if not shocking to many trades.

Watch the demo here; then download your copy at SteadyTrader.com 

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