Wednesday, August 10, 2016

Catching Valeant's Violent Move and 2 Stocks Yet To Move

From the desk of Superior Profit and Sagar Nandi.

To begin with , Superior Profit Investors using CUE Trading System and broad market awareness don't use inside information for their investment decisions. They have no knowledge beforehand of what is going to happen tomorrow. What they have instead is a robust Trading System which gives uncanny signals based on price moves in the chart. And they have faith in themselves. To make a trading decision themselves. In a systematic and disciplined way.

Not a Penny Stock to be moved easily by 26.9% in a day!

If you were watching, Valeant (VRX) went up today by 26.9% today. And though it declined a lot in last one year (almost 90% even after the massive move today!), it is not a penny stock either. Closing the day on 9th August 2016 at 28.16 USD in US Market. Valeant is actually based in Canada. And its Toronto, Canada listed share (VRX.TO) closed 9th August with a Market Cap of 12.58 Billion Canadian $. A large company indeed. And it would have taken a solid force to move such a large company by that huge percentage in a single day.

All that is good.
​Now. Did you profit from the Move?

We did. Many Superior Profit Investors did. And they did it calmly. They did not try to predict the outcome of the Valeant earnings result that came out on  9th August BMO (Before Market Open). In fact, Valeant under performed both on earnings and revenue if you were watching. The Stock still moved up.

On hindsight we are sure - at least some if not many - experts would attribute the up move to Valeant's intended sales in asset in spite of poor performance of the earnings. We are also sure if the Stock declined, under the same announcements, the experts would have attributed the decline to poor earnings in spite of the intended asset sales.

That is the advantage of being in a position where one watches the price move to happen. And then attributes reason to the move. Sounding wise in the process. There are plenty of them. In fact you or I could be one of them too. If we wanted to ...

The sad thing is that being so called experts like that does not make profit. As there is no brokerage which accepts an order on a back date.

Superior Profit Traders are more interested in booking some profit than sounding wise.

And they used their own analysis to take a Long position in VRX - based on CUE Charts - on 6th July 2016 itself. The trade idea was not hidden too. It was shared with public on that day in Superior Profit Traders Community - you might follow this link to that posting here. Superior Profit Investors using CUE Sonar would have found entered the Long on 6th July just before Market Close if they were using Real Time Data/Charts. Or they would have found the opportunity using CUE Sonar at End of Day and entered Long around Next Days' Open.

This is how the VRX trade was selected as of 6th July and how it played out since then - explained using CUE At A Glance charts. Weekly Template on the left providing Backdrop information. And Hop On Daily Template on the right to easily decide a Long Position on the trade as of 6th July 2016.

So, it all went well for Investors using CUE Charts.
What they do now with VRX?

The decision may vary from trader to trader. Some might book partial profit. Some might put Stop to protect profit. It is almost certain though - using Superior Profit Way (as explained in the Education Center) all of them would continue to hold at least partial position on VRX. Letting profit run. After all, VRX Closed at 28.16 with Day's High of 28.19 - that is, it closed at the very high of the day. After trading more than 100 million shares in the day. There is probably some more move left in the Stock. We let profit run ...

Two more stocks with similar base formation :)

We don't have inside information. So we did not know that VRX would move. Neither do we know for certain that the two stock charts shared below would move as VRX did (or better, may be !). All we know is that they present Very Low Risk Opportunity of making an investment. That would reap much larger profit if they work out. And they are giving some sign of probably trying to go up.

First stock - shown below - again with CUE At A Glance view; is of a pharmaceutical company (VRX was pharmaceutical company too). It also - like VRX had a sharp drop. And now forming as narrow a range as one could probably imagine. Probably waiting for some expected event to take place; some news to come out; for the Stock to rally. And it - like VRX was - is also at Pendulum Low. A sweet Low Risk point to enter a Long Term Investment. This Stocks' earnings result is out. And thereby risk of earnings disappointment to drive it lower is not there in this quarter.
The second stock that we share is in financials industry. It also dropped significantly and now showing some sign that it might move up. Like the pharma company mentioned above, this Stocks' earnings result is also out. And thereby risk of earnings disappointment to drive it lower is not there in this quarter.

Amazing similarity in the three charts - isn't it?
Valeant already gave us profit.
​Will we benefit from the others?

You probably could not help being amazed at the similarity of the three charts. One of VRX which has already moved out of the narrow range. Giving us already - trading Stocks using CUE Charts a 22% profit and going strong.

Other two have not moved yet. But are in our radar. And some Superior Profit investors might have already taken a position in one or both of them ...

The financial company information / name was posted in Superior Profit Traders Community today on 9th Aug. You might find it following this link.

The pharma company waiting for move is one that we plan to share in our next Live Class on Saturday 13th Aug 2016 10:30 PM Eastern Standard Time (GMT+5). If you are interested, you might join us by registering here. We will cover much more than only sharing this stock insight of course.  Those who already attended our class knows that we don't use power point slides. We use only live charts to decide to trade or not. Next session, we will also review the result of our past trades that we had shared in the Traders Community earlier.

And those of you already using CUE Charts - you might know the stock(s) already - identifying it using CUE Sonar.  Are you already in the trade(s)?