Thursday, July 13, 2017

CUE 360 Degrees Analysis of Apparel & Accessories Stocks

From the desk of Sagar Nandi and Superior Profit:

The possibility of these Long and Short trades was shared in Superior Profit Traders Community a few days ago.

At that time we had a profitable trade in Finish Line (FINL), a Stock that we had analyzed in Weekly Market Roundups as Fundamentally Strong and at Optimal Price. We had used 360 Degrees Analysis for Finish Line at that time.

Here we provide the follow up in detail to the possible Long and Short Trade-Ideas. By joining the Traders Community, you could have a heads up on the trades probably!

​We begin our 360 Degrees Analysis with CUE Edge Industry Analyst. It calculates the performance of 160 Industry Groups across multiple review periods and assigns Ranks and Heat Map Colors that instantly helps us see which Industries are getting stronger and which ones are getting weaker. Reading the data is easy. Magenta color means weakness. Cyan represents strength.

From the easy to read Visual Heat Map, we can instantly see the following:

1) Apparel Industry was languishing at the bottom for many months, with some of the worst ranks (160 being the worst possible rank among the 160 Industry Groups). Today, on 12th July 2017, it improved rank from 131 to 108.

2) Clothing and Accessories Industry was weak 12 months ago. During the month 1 to month 5, it tried to improve a bit. In the most recent periods, this Industry has again declined in Rank, indicated by the magenta color in the times from 10 days to 1 day.

What about their Fundamentals? We have a look at CUE Vital Scorecard for that. For CUE Vital Fundamental scoring, green and blue means strength and magenta, red represents weakness. Higher scores mean the Stocks is stronger than others in the Peer Group.

From Visual Scorecard, we can instantly see that LB (L Brands) is priced optimally and has strong fundamentals at the current price. And COH (Coach) is overpriced and poorer (than LB) earnings quality.

What about their Technical Analysis view? We use CUE Global for that.

LB dropped along with the Apparel Industry since Dec 2016 as seen from the CUE Hop On Daily chart. At the right edge, it stopped going down after exhausting down move that began in July 2017.

Technically, LB may give a possible Bounce Long Trade Setup. You may check the Unambiguous Checklists of CUE Trading System to pinpoint the Entry of either a Swing Long Trade or even a Long Term Investment. We have already seen from CUE Vital analysis that LB is fundamentally strong - this is our preference for Long Term Investing.

You may also keep an eye on Apparel Retailers Industry Rank from CUE Edge in coming days to add more probability of success to your Long Position's favor. That is, Buying LB if the Stock goes up and the Industry also shows strength. 

Contrary to L Brands, Coach (COH) had a nice rally since Dec 2016. But now it is looking a bit tired. That, along with its weak fundamentals and the Industry's (Clothing and Accessories) weakness means one may consider booking profit or at least protect profit using Stop Order. CUE Vital Fundamental showed it is Overpriced!

Short Traders may even look for potential Short opportunity using CUE Global's Unambiguous checklist to pinpoint Short entry.

Using 360 Degrees Analysis in this manner, combining Industry, Fundamental and Technical Analysis, you can invest and trade confidently. Knowing that you have looked at the trade holistically before taking it.

And that is the Superior Profit Way.

Trade Profitably!


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