Friday, July 28, 2017

An Amazing Technique for EUR/USD from Domistock's Technical Rating System

Domistock Tools Used: Fast Dominant Hedging Signal System, Auto-drawn Support/ Resistance Lines & Trendlines, Trading Strategies - Tools Exploration, DomiStock’s Technical Rating System
When EUR/USD gets an A rating on a daily chart it attracts the portfolio optimizers and the trading algorithms of the leading investment funds. When it gets an A rating on an intraday chart it attracts trading algorithms of more speculative funds.
When it gets an A rating on both a daily and an intraday chart this means that both the leading investment funds and speculators are looking for opportunities to long EUR/USD.
And one of the best opportunities is when it gets deflated. Then it becomes a candidate for DomiStock’s “Long the deflated winner” strategy. This strategy brought some amazing profit in the last 3 sessions on the 60 min chart of EUR/USD, where the rating was an A and it got a price deflation alert three times, marking two major intraday bottoms.
The “Long the deflated winner” gets a “go long” confirmation when there are either dominant or hedging “buy” orders. And that was the case for both of EUR/USD’s rallies while during it’s correction move the “sell” orders where the dominant ones, as sawn from the Dominant & Hedging Signal System.
It’s important to remember that DomiStock’s tools are made for the modern market ecosystem where over 90% of trading is done automatically.

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