Thursday, April 12, 2018

Today’s Quick Pick Powered by the Endeavor Add-on

Picking the right stocks can be hard but it doesn’t have to be. Our Blue Signal can identify short-term trends in your favorite stocks, ETF’s and REIT’s.

Check out GES which had a Blue signal on Mar 23rd. Once price crossed our Trigger Point (blue Iine) it moved up +9.91% in just 11 days!

Blue is just 1 of 7 signals in the Endeavor program. See for yourself what all the signals can do.


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Maria Mugler said...

Endeavor Add-on is a software extension designed to enhance trading capabilities within a specific trading platform. It offers additional features and tools that can assist traders in making informed decisions and potentially optimize their leveraged trading strategies. Traders need to exercise caution and proper risk management when utilizing leveraged trading, understanding the amplified risk involved in trading with borrowed funds.

Mardo Soo said...

Investing in stocks can indeed be a challenging game, but tools like Blue Signal make it a lot more manageable! Consulting24, Blue Signal's ability to identify short-term trends in various stocks, ETFs, and REITs brings a new level of clarity to investment decisions. The case of GES is impressive—seeing a +9.91% increase in just 11 days post the Blue signal on Mar 23rd demonstrates the power of this tool in recognizing favorable opportunities. It's these kinds of insights that can truly make a difference in navigating the complex world of stock investments.

William Robbert said...

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William Robbert said...

This blogpost highlights the effectiveness of the Blue Signal in identifying short-term trends in stocks, ETFs, and REITs. The example of GES, which experienced a significant increase in just 11 days after the Blue Signal was triggered, showcases the potential for investors to capitalize on timely signals provided by the Endeavor program. With a total of 7 signals available, including the Blue Signal, investors have access to a comprehensive toolkit for making informed decisions in the market. For those looking to enhance their investment strategies, exploring the Endeavor program and its signals could prove beneficial. Additionally, businesses like Custom Signs New Jersey can benefit from informed investment decisions, potentially leading to growth opportunities.