Wednesday, April 11, 2018

Trading for a Living - Dr Elder

If you've never seen Dr. Elder's no-nonsense approach to trading, you are in for a treat...

Dr. Elder is the author of the world’s best-selling books on trading, including Trading for a Living. In the past, you could only find such classes in selected cities in the US and worldwide. Now you can learn right from your own home.

Dr. Elder will be presenting the key ideas from his latest book "The New Trading for a Living" on planning trades, risk control, and learning from your own trades.

Dr Elder will review of the current markets conditions looking at the major indices. Are stocks finally in the value zone? Is the market still too depressed? Dr Elder will give his personal insight and we'll even look at stocks requested by webinar participants.

Dr. Elder will be using his newly upgraded Enhanced Trading Room add-on for MetaStock. It contains 20 unique indicators, 15 pre-built templates, 8 explorations, and 6 expert advisors to help you lift your trading to a higher level.

About Dr. Alex Elder

One of the most intriguing characters on the commodity scene is Alexander Elder, MD. He has his fingers in many different pies and does a quality job in all of them. Elder is a living advertisement for the American dream and the place of futures trading in it." -- Commodity Traders Consumer Report

"How Alexander Elder grew up in Estonia, was educated as a psychiatrist, escaped from a Soviet ship in Africa and became a successful futures trader and head of his own firm, Financial Trading Inc. in New York, would make an interesting book itself." -- Futures Magazine

"Dr. Alexander Elder offers a unique view on the markets. A New York City psychiatrist and professional trader, he runs Financial Trading, which helps people become better traders." -- Financial World


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