Monday, October 2, 2023

The Traders Summit Full Recording - September 2023

0:00:00 Intro 0:13:57 Vince Vora - Navigate Uncertain Markets with Confidence 1:19:00 Silas Peters - PRICE ACTION IS KING: How I Cracked the Code to More Profits with a Simple 3-Step Strategy. 2:20:43 Marina Villatoro - Become A Profitable Trader - Get Back to the Basics of Day Trading 3:13:23 Oscar Carboni - Forget The News. Read the Charts! 4:19:43 Jake Bernstein and Brian Latta - Why Traders Lose. How Traders Win. 5:25:28 Jeff Gibby - Hidden Gems in MetaStock 6:13:40 Melissa Armo - Shorting Stocks for Profit Using the Golden Gap System 7:13:11 Price Headley - How "1 Buck" Options Have Been Hitting Returns in 2023 8:12:51 Candle Profit Systems Preview.


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