Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Support Tip: MetaStock Monitor JANUARY - FEBRUARY 13

How do I apply a template to a chart?

Contributed by MetaStock Support

MetaStock 12 has made applying indicators and templates to a chart easier. This support tip will focus solely on applying a template to a chart. Templates give you access to preset indicators and systems, enhancing your charts. A template can be applied as a chart is opened from the Power Console. Here's how:

1) After selecting an instrument, click "next".

2) The next screen to appear is the Chart Options. Select "apply template" and choose the desired template from the list.

3) For this example, we chose the Darvas Box template.

*** Tip
A template can be applied to an open chart by right clicking anywhere on the chart. In the popup menu, select "apply template." Select the template from the list and click "open."

1) Right click anywhere on the chart.

2) Select the template you wish to view and click "apply." This will automatically add the template to your chart.

3) For this example, we used the Darvas Box.

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